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JSC “Pinta” during more than 20 years has been one of the leading providers of the pump equipment JSC “Moldovahydromas” production to the markets of Russian Federation, Ukraine and other countries, which is successfully applied in petrochemical, gas, chemical, fuel-energy, petrol, food, refrigeratory, processing industry.

Our company takes direct participation in JSC “Moldovahydromas” management, manufacture, delivery of necessary materials and utilities, realization of the ready production.

The pumps of JSC “Moldovahydromas” have been used for a long time and deserved the favorable report at such prominent enterprises as : JSC “Caoutchouc from Omsk” , JSC “NK Russian petrole-NPZ from Tuapse”, OAO ‘ANHK’, JSC “Petrol-chemical industrial complex” , enterprises JSC “AK Sibur”, ZAO “Lukoil-Petrolchem”, OAO “NZSP”, JSC “Kazaniorgsynthesis”. JSC “Permipetr oleorgsynthesis”, JSC “Salavatpetroleorgsynthesis” , JSC “Pigment”, JSC “Nevinnomiskii AZOT”, LLC “Stavrolen”, LLC “Usolchemindustry”, JSC “Shekino-Azot”, JSC “Sibpetrole- Omsk NPZ”, JSC “Orskpetroleorgsynthesis”, JSC NPZ “NORSI”, “Lisiceansk” (JSC “LINOS”), GPZ Otradnensk and others.

For the enterprises – consumers there exist interesting conditions of delivery work: exible system of discounts, accordance of the goods credit, minimal prepayment, temporary delay of payment, delivery of production, commissioning.

All output, manufactured serially is available at our deposits. For convenience of delivery, we offer the following conditions for collaboration:

· Shipping of the output from the deposits in: Moscow, Tula, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, S. Petersburg, Kyiv, Kyrovograd, Kishinev.
· The delivery till the consumer is practiced by the proper auto transport, or r/w containers.
· It is possible to conclude the contracts with our representative of ces: in Russia – LLC “Centr-Elektro” (member TPP RF, certi cate nr. 118-479), in Ukraine – LLC “Interagro”.

The certi cates of correspondence of RF and Permission of StateCityTechSupervision are granted for all discharged output: 18....36 months till the moment of delivery.

Accompaniment of the equipment, commissioning and repair works, technical consultations are done by the specialists of the certi ed service centre LLC “Moldovaghydromash-Kubani”, created in year 2002, JSC “Pinta” and JSC “Moldovahydromash”.

Kishinev factory of hermetical pumps was created on the rst of July, year 1959. In 1992 the enterprise was reorganized into Joint Stock Company with private capital equal to 100 %.

JSC “Moldovahydromash” has developed scienti c – technical base, steel industry (power till 2000 tones of moldings per year), area of gas-plasma cutting, blacksmiths’s- pressing, electro-magnet, and other areas.

JSC “Moldovahydromash” has proper test station, accredited for carrying out of certi ed tests ST “NASTHOL”, city of Moscow, performs the elaborations of perspective specimens of new equipment, performs the projects on technical commands of the clients. During the period of the enterprise existence there were changed many series of hermetical electric pumps CNG, HG, HGV, which present constructively monoblock, consisting of incorporated asynchronous canned electric motor and pump part.

Till the end of the 80th the factory began to use the new type of electric pump CG with the improved technical characteristics. There were enlarged the diapasons of the parameters – according to the supply, pressure and power. The construction of the electric pumps has been constantly modernized with the purpose of SE increase, optimization of the used motors, increase of the exploitation reliability.

Electric pumps of CG type according to their construction and used materials, are universal and are used for the supply of aggressive, explosion hazard, toxic, neutral uids, lique ed gases, the leakage of which to the environment is not permissible.

On the basis of the electric pumps CG, there have been elaborated centrifugal hermetic explosion – proof electric pumps of NG type, designed for transfer of various neutral to carbonaceous and alloyed steel of liquids and lique ed gases.

Electric pumps of NG type are manufactured by one, two and three stepped pumps, the fault of the liquid is done by hollow roller of the rotor. This simpli es the assembling and provides the stable work of electric pump, not depending on possible mistakes when studding at consumer.

Taking into account the fact, that the electric pumps of CG and NG type don’t embrace all the possible requirements of the Clients concerning supply, force, pressure in contour, used materials and so on., we elaborate and supply in short terms (till 3 months) electric pumps of BEN type on concrete conditions of exploitation at Client.

There was created a number of electric pumps, with the power from 1 till 220 kW (in perspective till 400 kW).

In the catalogue there were shown the destination and region of appliance of the manufactured electric pumps, the description of their construction, technical characteristics, drafts with overlap and conjunctive dimensions, the schemes of automation.

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